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Black History Month – Literature – Derek Walcott and Langston Hughes

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Black History Month – Literature – Derek Walcott and Langston Hughes.

Business & Technology | Coinstar thinks outside Redbox to fresh-coffee vending machines | Seattle Times Newspaper

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Redefining Vending:



Business & Technology | Coinstar thinks outside Redbox to fresh-coffee vending machines | Seattle Times Newspaper.

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Yes Indeed…

Mind Candy

In business, just like in your personal life, there are going to be times when you cannot seem to get eye to eye with someone. This is true in the SEO/SMM world as well. Over the years, I have heard story after story about the client form hell. The story always sounded the same and I used to think how awesome it would be if there was only one client from hell out there to watch out for. Unfortunately, that type of thinking was just as fanciful as thinking the the lottery was a gimmie because I won $100 the first time I played. The lottery wound up to not be an ATM for my own personal use, and the client from hell turned out to be legions of clients from hell. Thankfully, not all have been mine, but I’ve had my share.

The tendency of many of my friends…

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Mind Candy

The age old question of how to impress a girl has been pondered on by some of the greatest minds in the world for thousands of years and here we are still asking it. The reason is, nobody can figure out one solid way that works for everyone. If they could, we would all be matched up, or all bouncing from one person to the next as everyone was equally impressed by everyone else. It really is quite the conundrum, but it is a fun one to explore by figuring out what has worked in the past and choosing methods that may still work today.

Back in the early days of man, a woman could be impressed by a man that had the ability to drive a herd of brontosaurs into a pit where they could then be killed, butchered and used to feed the entire tribe. These days that…

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Agreed. So much so. Agreed.

Thru Cracked Glass

The death of Whitney Houston has rocked the music world and her fans.  Anytime we lose a star it seems like we collectively gasp as if they are not humans with flaws. 

Houston lived a very public life.  We witnessed her rise as a star, the odd pairing and eventual marriage to Bobby Brown.  Which may have been a warning sign that maybe she did not embody the innocence and purity we as fans put on her.  We watched in horror the shocking spiral into drug and alcohol addiction of a once gifted star.  Fans pulled for her while at times mocking her for her fall from grace and demons.

Since her death the news has been full of drama and speculation.  This only furthers the desecration of the woman she once was.  A social networking trend that has emerged is of a public outcry that has become Whitney versus the whole entire American Military…

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This is Real. R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Thembisa S. Mshaka

Whitney Elizabeth Houston


One of my sheroes died on Saturday. I could not just blog about it the day it happened. I could barely think; I was pretty numb at the news. I was in an elevator and a woman said, “you hear that Whitney Houston died? Isn’t that sad?”

It is beyond sad. For me, it was beyond comprehension, even after the valley we saw her fall into so publicly. Because she had clawed her way back. Put some weight on. Dropped a platinum album in 2009.  Divorced Bobby Brown. Shot the remake of Sparkle. Toxicity seemed to be shrinking in her rear view. Until Grammys Eve 2012.

Whitney Houston is a primordial symbol for me; she spoke, she sang directly to my black girlhood in the ‘80s and my young Black womanhood in the ‘90s. She represents a certain pre-music industry innocence for me. I had…

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They can’t call themselves Social Media Experts and not be on Empire Avenue! Join today…

The Main Street Analyst

I just made a real good experience on Empire Avenue. Ever wished you would have more buyers? Well, be careful what you are asking for. Three days ago, our dear friend Scott Wendling, decided to run a mission. He put out 500 eaves for 500 people to buy me. That’s awesome, isn’t it? I already thanked Scott for doing this and I am flattered someone would do this for me. So, this is not at all to complain. I just wanted to let you know what happened.

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My WonderLand

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My WonderLand.


I found this haunting and touching.

Bring Back The Dessert Carts

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There aren’t many of the classic, Old School houses left. The power lunch venues where the deal making, celebrations, trysts, social life are played out weekly, hosted by Front Of House personalities everyone wants to be attended by, trusted to have “their” table ready when they arrive.

Small format, neighborhood places serving shareable plates and served by tattooed artists are great, but there will come a time when you’ll want an expertly stirred martini delivered by something called a Captain.

Trust me.