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Check Out David Letterman’s Star-Studded Final ‘Top 10’ List

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The final Top 10 list.


For the final Top Ten of David Letterman’s career, an all-star selection of guests came out to give their thoughts in the “top ten things they’ve always wanted to say to Dave.” Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, and a few surprises made their feelings heard, and Letterman couldn’t have been happier it seems.

It’s easy to say that you don’t see a lineup like this for just anybody. It’s a special night.


(Via The Late Show)

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Let’s All Watch A Kid Be Totally Confused By A Pay Phone

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Music’s 11 Newest Illuminati Inductees

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie List New Orleans Mansion

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This works for me. #NewOrleans

In View Of Airbnb Disaster In Canada…

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Perhaps you’ve seen the reports. A young couple renting out their newer single family house for the first time in Calgary rushes back to home last Monday (with police) to find an absolute disaster. A total loss that includes furniture and clothes. It’s international news at this point.
While we certainly can’t prevent everything negative from happening as Airbnb hosts, here’s what I try to do with advance planning:
Verifications. I have the highest setting available on website. If a potential guest can’t fill out an entire profile, he/she won’t be staying in any of my homes.
Communication. Always review the tone, details and overall sense of what messaging is REALLY saying. Tell Tale signs of a problem guest include unusual or out of ordinary questions during inquiry phase.
Repetitive Information. What this means is simple – as people are getting worse at paying attention these days, the most important points regarding my listings are repeated throughout the page. In one case, I say it four times. This way there is absolutely no argument when a guest arrives without a house manual 5 hours before check-in (and many other things that happen!).
Instant Book Limitation. Only guests with positive reviews can utilize that feature.
Have a great month, everyone. Season is almost over!