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Review Your Strategies!

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Sometimes the difference between success and frustration is one small thing.

A change in attitude.

A different product.

A different habit.

A different mentor, friend, guide, partner.

A patience, maybe if you just keep going you will get there.

A ???

Do you need help finding your missing piece of the puzzle?

I love certain parts of this article, but they said I could only use it if I copied the whole thing!

The Missing Piece

Have you ever tried putting a puzzle together, only to get to the end and discover that a piece is missing? You anxiously put the puzzle together, constantly examining the picture of your anticipated outcome, and a piece is missing. Piece by piece you work, only to realize that something is missing — and only one piece. One piece of the puzzle is missing, and that one piece makes a huge difference…

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Love this post, although I would counter that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis haven’t bitten the hands that never fed them in the first place. The SharkFaceGang Movement is completely outside the old system, which I adore!

Wendy Day

This is the number one album on iTunes as I write this:

“The Heist” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

It contains the song “Jimmy Iovine.” You can hear it here:

You can read the lyrics here:

Although there are references to Jimmy earlier in the track, at the end the lyrics are:

“Now I’m sorry, I’ve had a long day
Remind me, now what’s your name?
That’s right, Macklemore
Of course, today has been crazy
Anyway, you ready?
We’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars
After your album comes out we’ll need back that money that you borrowed
So it’s really like a loan
A loan? Come on, no
1-2, 360 degrees, we will reach your goals
You’ll get it done in the merch that you sell out on the road
Along with the third of the money you make when you’re out doing your show
Manager gets 20, booking…

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