Check Out David Letterman’s Star-Studded Final ‘Top 10′ List

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The final Top 10 list.

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For the final Top Ten of David Letterman’s career, an all-star selection of guests came out to give their thoughts in the “top ten things they’ve always wanted to say to Dave.” Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, and a few surprises made their feelings heard, and Letterman couldn’t have been happier it seems.

It’s easy to say that you don’t see a lineup like this for just anybody. It’s a special night.


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Let’s All Watch A Kid Be Totally Confused By A Pay Phone

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(YouTube) (YouTube) Listen, it’s Friday. We’ve all had a long week. There are only a few hours separating us from the weekend, so to make this last sprint toward freedom more enjoyable, why not watch the younger generation fumble to understand outdated technology? It’s something we always enjoy.

It’s only fair, you see, as kids increasingly get the one-up on their elders by knowing everything there is about new products and technological innovations. Sure, you kids are seemingly schooled on cloud computing in the womb, but you don’t even know what a phone booth is!

Do children not watch movies any more? When the Consumerist team were wee consumerists, no one had to tell us what a telegram was because we learned it from the movies.

The best part might be how he holds it to his ear like someone might be talking already on the other end.

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Music’s 11 Newest Illuminati Inductees

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Illuminati Inductees 2015

Centuries old, clandestine, collections of the most powerful people on Earth generally don’t need to recruit. Be that as it may, the not so secret society has been keeping their eye the next crop of rising stars. Who will be the next music acts to attend the Illuminati cookout where virgins will be sacrificed, and off-the-market soft drinks like Crystal Pepsi and Surge will flow like water?

The current crop of The Enlightened Ones hails from different parts of the country and perform in various genres. Yet all will stand under the same creepy Masonic umbrella as the Illuminati’s newest inductees.


1. Kehlani

How does an artist go from losing to a glow-light dance group on America’s Got Talent to having a project land immediately at the top of iTunes R&B/Soul chart? If we ever get a chance we’ll ask Kehlani because she knows exactly how it feels.

The Bay…

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