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If You Have One Of These Old Seattle Rap Albums It May Be Worth Thousands!

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P. Lagiarist May 29, 2016. Got old Seattle rap albums collecting dust on a shelf somewhere? Maybe you already reclaimed the space and they’re sitting in an attic long-forgotten. Hopefully you didn’…

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The Radio Interview. Yay.

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Thanks Neal from Real Estate Network Northwest!

This is how much the last Titanic lunch menu is expected to make at auction

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that’s a lot of lunch.


The last lunch menu that was saved from the Titanic is being auctioned off at Lion Heart Autographs and is expected to go for $50,000 to $70,000, the Associated Press reports.

The Sept. 30 auction, which will also feature two other Titanic artifacts, will mark the 30th year after the debris was discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The menu was saved by Abraham Lincoln Salomon, a survivor who escaped on Lifeboat 1. It’s signed by Isaac Gerald Fraunthal, who was said to have had lunch with Salomon the day of the tragedy. He also kept a ticket from the ship’s Turkish baths, which recorded a person’s weight using a specially designed chair. There are only three other weighing-chair tickets left as far as we know, and this one is expected to sell for between $7,500 and $10,000, the report said.

The third artifact Salomon saved was a…

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