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EP 37 W/ Gene Dexter by Nappy Hour Podcast on #SoundCloud

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Mad Men Viewing

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I think one small reason Mad Men is such a successful show is how suffocated, uncomfortable and angry we get viewing this classic. It’s taken me years to get thru the series online and on disc because of it. I have to take very long breaks to fully digest the content.IMG_1562 (1)

A lot of answers about my infancy and first ten years of lifetime come out of the Mad Men series. As wonderful as film, fashion and art circles regurgitate the times visually, personally I found the 60’s – 70’s to be horribly ugly with everything. Everything! I like the faux presentation we find in restaurants, restored buildings, magazines, fonts. But the truth is, once you add people – it becomes a horrible nightmare.

Fast forward and in 2017, if you aren’t a stark raving social media pedophile or a gazzillioniare who made all the money three months ago from an app, not much is offered in the way of social style or norms that we can follow and feel good about. In another 30 years when this time is looked at, what faux will there be to improve upon. Faux the faux?



If You Have One Of These Old Seattle Rap Albums It May Be Worth Thousands!

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P. Lagiarist May 29, 2016. Got old Seattle rap albums collecting dust on a shelf somewhere? Maybe you already reclaimed the space and they’re sitting in an attic long-forgotten. Hopefully you didn’…

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