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In View Of Airbnb Disaster In Canada…

In Business, Dexter, Uber on May 2, 2015 at 6:11 pm


Perhaps you’ve seen the reports. A young couple renting out their newer single family house for the first time in Calgary rushes back to home last Monday (with police) to find an absolute disaster. A total loss that includes furniture and clothes. It’s international news at this point.
While we certainly can’t prevent everything negative from happening as Airbnb hosts, here’s what I try to do with advance planning:
Verifications. I have the highest setting available on website. If a potential guest can’t fill out an entire profile, he/she won’t be staying in any of my homes.
Communication. Always review the tone, details and overall sense of what messaging is REALLY saying. Tell Tale signs of a problem guest include unusual or out of ordinary questions during inquiry phase.
Repetitive Information. What this means is simple – as people are getting worse at paying attention these days, the most important points regarding my listings are repeated throughout the page. In one case, I say it four times. This way there is absolutely no argument when a guest arrives without a house manual 5 hours before check-in (and many other things that happen!).
Instant Book Limitation. Only guests with positive reviews can utilize that feature.
Have a great month, everyone. Season is almost over!


  1. All guests must have all 5 points of verifications now, regardless of a host’s individual preferences, ie. Online ID, Offline ID, Phone Number, E-Mail, and Photo. Just got off the phone with Airbnb because someone inquired for our room, we approved, he went through with the payment, but did not finish his verifications. So now, the room is being held “Pending Verification”, the guest is angry about the delay, already has a booking with a local hotel instead, and no one else can book my room for Friday night until the time expires; another 17 hours.

    • Very interesting. Hadn’t heard about that. The options are still on website.

      • Options for what? Guests have the option what verifications to provide, but the actual booking will not go through until they have all 5 categories fufilled; they receive a message from the company explaining this to them. (But for some reason a lot of my guests are not getting the message, and I am spending way too many hours helping them navigate the website).

      • Options for level of verification. If you had a reservation request and all it had was name only, yes, Airbnb will ask for more. What I speak of is highest level of verification, which hosts definitely control.

      • It still appears that we have control, but in reality we do not. I have my settings set at the lowest, meaning anyone can book without a singe verification, but Airbnb has intervened on all of my reservations in the last month to require a verified ID, and as of the last few days they have started requiring not just a verified ID, but all 5 categorires of verifications.

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