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Grynch Killed It Last Night

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2014 at 8:36 pm

The Grynch record release party last night at Crocodile Seattle.

I followed it entirely from Southern California via social media. It was the best I could come up with under the circumstances – I cant get back to Seattle for a few weeks.

Twitter blew up for Grynch during a few key moments. My Volvo and Mr. Rogers received most enthusiastic responses. Grynch seemed nicely surprised when Macklemore, Kokane and others came through. In fact, everyone except me were there. Well, G Prez is on tour with Devin The Dude so that’s two of us.

Oh. I forgot to mention. It was a sold out show. So there was that. Not bad for a town that started its hiphop scene in Laundromats.

Yes. We did that.

From My Archives – Meet The New Artists – Grynch & Macklemore

In Uncategorized on October 8, 2013 at 6:09 am

In 2009, who knew how big it could get for these gentlemen? I knew they were the future but today, all I can say is – WOW.

Pay attention to Seattle. This is just the beginning…http://

Can we stop praising Macklemore now? (Why?)

In Dexter on September 10, 2013 at 1:15 pm

What exactly has he appropriated? A genre of music? The last time I checked, music is music. It is what it is.

I’m sorry Macklemore caught you by surprise, missing the 10+ years he’s spent nightly in Seattle developing his material, stage show, and brand. Sorry you missed his breakthroughs and milestones in hiphop, including the miracle that is The Town, from 2009. Sorry you overlooked the SharkFace Gang Movement, where the bulk of his fans locked arms several years before this blog hate.

All I’m reading here is how you don’t care for Macklemore’s music. Fair enough. The rest of your drivel is misplaced, uninformed and perhaps ignorant. No one, including Rick Ross and Maybach Music seemed to share your concern when Mack toured for a full year leading to Thrift Shop by
Opening for him and other A list rappers. And yes, that tour and brand building was global. It was his talent and his Seattle team that got him there, not some minstrel show.

Macklemore has earned every inch of music industry real estate he had coming to him. There were no shortcuts here.

He and his team own 100% of it too. You don’t have to be anything but smart to do that, although I’m sure you’ll think of some clever spin as to how that was pulled off too. Next you’ll tell me he “appropriated” good business sense?


Is It Solely Because Macklemore Is White? (I Think Not)

In Thought Provoking on August 30, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Davey’s post is linked below.

Is It Solely Because Macklemore Is White? (I Think Not)

A rebuttal regarding Davey D’s latest Blog post: 

Macklemore himself would also confirm; his rise has been a years long journey that took tremendous amount of work and a team effort from Seattle. Yes, there has been an edge with the “safety” of his music, but was that the secret to this success earned? No. 

As someone who knows every single urban/rap artist in the Great Northwest, I submit that 95% do not have the work ethic or commitment to the game Mack’s had get to where he is. He’s had the same blocks (addiction, depression), the same start as everyone else here. His story is not only a case study about the new music business, but an example of what kind of team it takes to make dreams happen, starting with a girlfriend/fiance’, manager, producer, and music booker – all who had no so called Major label experience or insider status.

Was that so wrong? Celebrate Macklemore. Now, as far as Miley goes………. No Comment!

A Word About The Macklemore USA Tour

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Clickthrough photo for video.

All I’m saying is that after waiting 20 years for something like the Macklemore phenom to happen, we need to consider reaching back to the next generation of hiphop artists in Seattle / Portland / Spokane / Salt Lake City / Boise onward who are doing real business.

I’m too Mr. Miyagi not to speak on it. And BTW, even if it’s 50% of the tour, there is a long list of qualified MC’s or contemporary, neo soul, R&B artists from the Great Northwest who can get the job done.

While pleased that Talib Kweli is on billing – I’m #JUSTSAYING …

Macklemore won’t mind the rant of an old music Has Been here anyway. #OKbye

The Drama For December, 2012 – Year End Edition

In Dexter, Uncategorized on November 30, 2012 at 11:20 pm

Did you get everything in for 2012? I tried to.

This huge gap between Drama columns has to do with the complete time suck social media platforms siphon off of me. All 15 of them. The art form is deceiving. One thinks it is a version of communication (it is) and posting of ideas (yes, that too), with some of it leading to an SEO strategy, but it is not The Drama and I would really like to get it back to where THIS was, on a monthly basis. Is this my apology to myself? Probably.

When we last caught up here, I was quite put off with the handling of Whitney Houston’s terrible death in Babylon  Beverly Hills and we had a U.S. President continuing to hold things together in spite of ourselves in this country. He also saw to it that he remain at the helm for the next four years, his last and hopefully greatest contribution to the world yet to be revealed, although he’s done some pretty remarkable things under the circumstances. I’m excited by the possibilities here.

As for my year, on May 27th I became VERY distracted (in a wonderful way) about something I found last winter during holiday in Palm Springs, quite by accident. Yet, not an accident. Let’s call it a gift from the universe I was asking for but not knowing what it was going to be or in what form. The name of the franchise – distributorship I bought is Pro Health Practices By Gene Dexter  and it has to do with science proven health improvement. It’s an exciting time for me. This fits perfectly with my own exploration as to what a positive lifestyle is and the pursuit of it. Hit me up for more information, ESPECIALLY if you are older than 30.

Anyway, my latest and hopefully last business launch will combine my entire life experience AND produce something that will help half of this country enter into “old age” more gracefully than Kirstie Alley on a dancefloor. But then, I love the way Kirstie Alley dances.

Yes, other things happened this year. Although I was not in any way involved wirh the production or promotion of Macklemore‘s album, The Heist, I took special ownership of that journey after I learned one of his influences was Silver Shadow D, who’s records I did put out. So, by my math calculation, I created Macklemore, thank you very much. (Just kidding. Come on now, he and Ryan Lewis did it all themselves – thank you very much.)

Sadly, I had to turn down some work for Monsoon East in beautiful Old bellevue, Washington due to the new business thing I’m doing but was more than happy to recommend my friend Betina Finley from SocTalk for their social media / online PR needs. It is working out well and I wish that marriage all the best.

I sold my share in Ba Bar Seattle in July. It was a great offer and from the experience I also learned I’m not a passive investor in any way, shape or form. Moving forward, I’ll go into deals when I’m also holding the management contract too. So don’t call me unless you need All Hands.

Hmmm, let’s see, what else. I’m making some New Years resolutions, a few already in play. First, my network is my network. If we are not engaging or locking arms in life, business, etc., there is always Twitter, where you can follow me. Otherwise, I don’t need 5,000 Facebook “friends”. Sorry if you haven’t made the cut, but if I don’t know that you have kids or their mom’s name, we shouldn’t be on there. Facebook has become too pervasive for anything less.

On subject of Facebook, I hope you took my advice on social media when I said you should be buying that mofo @ $18 a share. #JustSaying

In music, Seattle Rules. No further comment.

As it is the Holiday season, you know I don’t call out anyone in Wanksters paragraph. This year will be no exception.

SHOUTOUTS FOR DECEMBER: All the people I’ve invited on my TV show and who haven’t taken me up on it yet! These include Cool Nutz, Dyme Def, Young Meez, Scene One, Gabriel Teadro, Avatar.

Watch Out For Intellect, Because It Knows So Much It Knows Nothing And Leaves You Hanging Upside Down, Mouthing Knowledge As Your Heart Falls Out Of Your Mouth – Anne Sexton