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Jay Z and Beyoncé face a fierce branding backlash

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By Geoff Weiss, Entrepreneur

In recent years, it has seemed as if Jay Z and Beyoncé could do no wrong.

As music’s first couple, she was riding high off the success of a surprise visual album that defied timeworn marketing norms. He was embarking on a savvy spurt of new business ventures, including the sports management agency Roc Nation Sports and the acquisition of uber-luxe champagne brand Armand de Brignac.

But now, the duo’s entrepreneurial streak seems to have struck a sour chord. Yesterday, in the latest instance of branding backlash, Good Morning Americateased that Beyoncé had an “amazing” announcement to share. When that news turned out not to be an album but a pre-recorded monologue about a plant-based diet that the starlet occasionally favors—a barely-veiled shill for her forthcoming meal-delivery company

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