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Can we stop praising Macklemore now? (Why?)

In Dexter on September 10, 2013 at 1:15 pm

What exactly has he appropriated? A genre of music? The last time I checked, music is music. It is what it is.

I’m sorry Macklemore caught you by surprise, missing the 10+ years he’s spent nightly in Seattle developing his material, stage show, and brand. Sorry you missed his breakthroughs and milestones in hiphop, including the miracle that is The Town, from 2009. Sorry you overlooked the SharkFace Gang Movement, where the bulk of his fans locked arms several years before this blog hate.

All I’m reading here is how you don’t care for Macklemore’s music. Fair enough. The rest of your drivel is misplaced, uninformed and perhaps ignorant. No one, including Rick Ross and Maybach Music seemed to share your concern when Mack toured for a full year leading to Thrift Shop by
Opening for him and other A list rappers. And yes, that tour and brand building was global. It was his talent and his Seattle team that got him there, not some minstrel show.

Macklemore has earned every inch of music industry real estate he had coming to him. There were no shortcuts here.

He and his team own 100% of it too. You don’t have to be anything but smart to do that, although I’m sure you’ll think of some clever spin as to how that was pulled off too. Next you’ll tell me he “appropriated” good business sense?


  1. he COULD white wash his language….then those describing him would not have to use the bowel fowl vowels he spews #granniegram not impressed

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