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An Open Letter To Disney

In Thought Provoking on July 30, 2013 at 6:35 am

Dear Disney,

For weeks now I’ve been sorting out why I’m so troubled about your connection to the Zimmerman case and the now infamous Stand Your Ground law. After all, how on earth is your business even remotely aligned to that sordid mess? But tonight, just a few hours ago, I had a “lightbulb” moment. It was during an online argument with associates of another publicly traded Company who occasionally hold conference business in Orlando, Florida (something I vehemently object to until Stand Your Ground is repealed) that it suddenly, painfully dawned upon me exactly how your Organization is tied to it all and why I’m sick about it.

I’m a huge fan of yours. Your parks bring out the kid in all of us. A very recent visit to the original Disneyland after 25 years absence was a joyous day, for me. 

Trayvon Martin was a typical teenager. Perhaps he even visited DisneyWorld as a child and throughout his youth, with family and friends. All families want to do that. All friends want to do that.  Disney is an American rite of passage and an integral part of our Society. This comes with great responsibility and care for the dreams and aspirations of children. More than a few great minds have been inspired as young people by the Disney vision of how we should feel about ourselves and others. What child doesn’t want a family like The Lion King’s ?

But now, the heartaching truth about you, Disney. Your flagship, DisneyWorld, sits in center of a State that kills children and gets away with it under the falsehoods of Stand Your Ground.

While families from around the world come to enjoy the Magic Kingdom, outside your fabled walls is a living nightmare that is the rest of Florida. 

Yes, it’s true how you have absolutely no control of the outside world that is Florida. You cannot monitor the terrible acts of people who didn’t learn anything from viewing Snow White. Still, there is something about you we do recognize: 

You are a tax base for a rotten legislative and law enforcement cancer.

As painful as it has become to recognize about you, my friend, my hero; you are feeding the problem. Therefore, a growing Movement that I’ve joined has to do with boycotting you and all publicly traded companies doing business in Florida. 

Change is going to be difficult. Some of my own contacts and acquaintances have severed ties regarding my own stand. But that’s ok. Change begins with the first step. I’m just one person out here with a strong opinion, but know there are others who feel the same. Together, we’re going to make a go of this. 

We’re going to speak with the one thing that matters to Corporate America.

Our Money.

As this is modern society, I may take a plane to march on Washington D.C. August 24th – most likely run by an airline that also has routes to Florida, so I can’t be a purist. But I’m following the money. I’m watching the dollar trail. And after it’s said and done in Florida, we’ll look at all the other places where variation of this hideous statute exists where children can be cut down for not meeting our own standard of appearance.

In the meantime, I ask you to consider carefully what it really means to manifest your Brand, for the children.


  1. I will also do my part to boycott ALL things relevant.

  2. I will stand with The BFT group,
    in boycotting Florida &
    all publicly traded companies,
    doing business in Florida.”

  3. I live in Florida and love Disney,but I am with you in this decision.This stand your ground law needs to be done away with or there will be many more Trayvon’s! “I AM TRAYVON MARTIN”

  4. I would love nothing more than to see less tourist or at least fewer liberals in my beloved state. But unless you get more intelligent commentators this is never going to work out for me! I would also like to suggest a mass exodus of all people opposed to the SYG law from Florida! That would really show us you mean business.

    I have a dream! I dream of the pre Disney/tourist days, where we never locked our doors and got along with people of all races. Where people took responsibility for their own actions, drugs were unheard of and it was legal to shoot someone who was trying to kill you without having to have a SYG Law to protect yourself.

    I dream of a Florida taken back to the days where I could walk the streets of Orlando without fearing for my life or needing protection. I dream of a world much like the one Snow White lived in where there was honor and it was legal to protect your loved ones.

    Let’s see what we learned from Snow White, first there is the witch who is the step-mother, not a very nice person, who becomes enraged when her magic mirror tells her that her step-daughter is prettier than her. She orders the huntsman to take Snow White out in to the woods and kill her, this innocent young white girl who has never done drugs and everyone loves.

    The huntsman as we all know does not Kill SW but leaves her alone and lost in a forest, returns to the Queen tells her SW is dead, the Queen is filled with joy!

    LOL upon learning SW is alive she changes into an old hag and poisons SW, the 7 dwarfs chase her, she falls off a cliff and dies, only because they could not catch her. Now of course if they had a gun and shot this Queen they could have used the SYG defense.

    Don’t know about the author of this letter but it seems to me that Disney is in agreement with the SYG laws, someone tries to kill you or your loved one, you make sure they don’t try to again!

    By the way the dwarfs are not arrested, the King does not go on television proclaiming that the evil Queen could have been him, and all live happily ever after with one less evil person in the world!

  5. Thank God your not coming to Florida! One less person! WooHoo! It’s way to overcrowded as it is!

  6. My organization has cancelled a planned trip to Disney. All of our members fully commit to a total boycott of all thing Florida until police racial profiling and SYG has been eradicated!!!!

  7. You have beautifully and accurately summed up my position as well! I stand with you —

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